Our point of intervention is at the interface of the symbiotic relationship
between Nagrika and Nagar

We approach local development from a multi-disciplinary lens, encompassing multiple stakeholders. At the Nagrika (citizen) level we create knowledge products to reduce information asymmetries. At the Nagar (city) level we work with national, state and city-level institutions for decision aiding and to build local capacity to shape cities. 



Nagrika is every citizen in the city irrespective of his/her role as a mayor, councillor, teacher, student or any other citizen. Nagar is the city and its institutions including its local government, citizen groups, voluntary organizations and others.  We identify the  two-way relationship between Nagrika and their Nagars using a blend of local and global knowledge, to develop pragmatic and feasible solutions for shaping small cities.



Scope of our Work

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