Our Work

Nagrika aims to create a movement of urban local development where small cities gain prominence. 

We combine research, practical experience, and knowledge from local context to provide realistic and implementable solutions for small cities. 


Knowledge Creation

We convert data into meaningful information by leveraging on the networks of local knowledge in small cities to inform policy. We research the dynamic relationship between cities, citizens and city institutions and their role in shaping cities. 



Decision Aiding

We create tools and platforms that aid decision making related to community and economic development for small cities. We also provide applied policy cycle support for citizens and city level agencies to collaboratively work towards shaping cities.


Capacity Building

We enhance the capacity of agencies and individuals to use information, knowledge and decision making capabilities to shape cities. We offer innovative capacity building support in the form of policy simulations, master classes and custom-tailored activities.



Some of our Projects include

  • Knowledge Partnership with a small Municipal Corporation towards Sustainable Urban Development

  • Analysis of urban governance practices, municipal structures, laws and regulations in different sized cities across 30 states to enable effective decentralisation of municipal functions

  • Knowledge partner-Creating self-sustaining public sanitation service delivery model across multiple cities in a state

  • Knowledge networks and business practices of informal sector private service providers in three different sized state capital cities

  • E-readiness assessment of various Municipal Corporations and Councils in one state

  • Strategy for developing small cities and attracting investments along an industrial corridor

  • Indicator framework for assessing child-friendliness of city's built and social environment

  • Indicator framework for measuring and monitoring economic profile of cities

  • Private universities and their role in employability in small cities

  • Litigation in small and mid sized municipalities and its impact



Our Approach


Take Work to Place, Bring Place to Work: We immerse ourselves in the city in focus to imbibe local knowledge and context in defining our solutions. We bring the local context  of the city to forefront through various means such as by living in the city, seminars, simulations, media and expert talks

Upstream Approach: Our approach to solutions is based on addressing the root causes instead of symptoms


Not all Work, Not all Play:  Our strength lies in innovating tasks within research and capacity building into enjoyable and insightful experiences. We work in a collegiate yet professional environment

Estimate what can be realised rather than realise what was estimated: We propose and work on solutions that are reasonable to estimate and realize to avoid under or over estimation. For this, we believe in power of small and local data to inform decisions